Live the 2Oth of April at Computer Grrrls x Comme Nous Brûlonsat La Gaité Lyrique, Paris - France

2 fresh new podcasts to start the year!

& 2 tracks made for Art Frequencies

Circadien's Music Video

Out now:

South South on Hylé Tapes' compilation "self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music"

Fluctuation on Seagrave's compilation "Interpretosis"


Kritzkom is the solo project of Marine Drouan, musician and graphic designer, from Nantes (France) living in Berlin. She produces and play live electronic music with an assortment of machines interacting together. Her career as musician, DJ and producer started in 2002 in France where she studied graphic design. In 2008 she decided to move to Berlin to be more focused on her music. She worked the last ten years on several projects with releases on different labels like Seagrave, Where To Now? Records, Hylé Tapes, Samplefreunde...

She appears on duo projects like Miko, Anna Otto, Stereonucleose. Her new album "Void Minus Matter" completes her extaordinary cosmos of music.

She is part of female:pressure with who she took part of the organization of the festival Perspectives, aiming to increase the visibility of women in electronic music. And since then does the “Female Frequencies” radio show on Reboot FM with Aschka and Rona Geffen. She composed as well soundtracks for videos or short movies.



Album "Void Minus Matter" on Seagrave April 2017

Dj set or Podcasts

Live Set


20 APR 2019 - Live at Computer Grrrls x Comme Nous Brûlonsavec Gazelle Twin, Hante & rkss. La Gaité Lyrique, Paris - France


19 JAN 2019- Modular live part of the performance Unangenehme Gefühle 2, Lüggen" - Kunsthalle Wien - Austria
30 OCT 2018 - 'bOrrOwed recOrds' dj set with OiG and MeFisTo @ Möbel Olfe, Berlin - Germany
27 JAN 2018 - part of AMALGAMA experience / part of the Transmediale Vorspiel @ Gr_und, Berlin - Germany
17 NOV 2017 - DJ set at DokfestLounge - Kassel - Germany
23 JUN 2017 - Live / VOID MINUS MATTER (double) release party with Mimicof - Ausland - Berlin
17 NOV 2016 LIVE at ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin
26 JUNE 2016 - LIVE at Studio Chérie - Berlin
27 MAY 2016 - LIVE at NOISE KITCHEN SYNTH MEETING 2 - Brno - Czech Republic
30 AUG > 06 SEPT - Art Residency - Hai Art - Hailuoto, Finland
27 JUN 2015 - LIVE - INDEFinitely at M-BIA - Berlin
24 JAN 2014 - dj set - Acud Macht Neu - Berlin
15 NOV 2014 - live with Kontakt Sappho Kantine Berghain - Berlin
24 OCT 2014 - live (with ANNA OTTO) - Tresor - Berlin
25 OCT 2014 - live at Music Tech Fest - Berlin
more gigs





2017: Kritzkom - Void Minus Matter - Seagrave (tape + digital)

2016: Kritzkom - Oscillopsea - Where To Now? (tape + digital)

2015: Kritzkom - Mer Agitée - Hylé Tapes (tape + digital)

north in progress 2012: Kritzkom - North In Progress - Samplefreunde (digital) SAFR 024

iskvika EP martialfunk nantes 2010: Kritzkom - Iskvika EP on Martialfunk. (digital) MF 025


Unchained -  compilation - Nona2017: Nona "Unchained" / track "Gravity's Rainbow (extended)" (tape + digital)

hyle compilation non male2017: Hylé Tapes "self - identified…" / track "South South" (tape + digital)

seagrave comp interpretosis2016: Seagrave "Interpretosis" / track "Fluctuation" (digital)

seagrave2015: Seagrave "This Few Bones" / track "Circadien" (digital)

circe2015: CIRCE :The Black Cut: project / 2 tracks (digital)

reveller2015: Female Pressure Revellers Comp1 / track "Huit" (digital)

ich bin ein berliner 2011: Ich bin ein berliner #1 / Kemijärvi (digital)


Turn Around 2016: Kritzkom and Romain Frequency - Turn Around

Miko gelee 2015: Miko - Gelée

kontakt sappho and miko 2014: Kontakt Sappho & Miko - Kontakt Sappho (12' dubplate)

mother festival tape 2011: Sonja Cvitkovic + Kritzkom "german playback" on Mother's Cassette. (tape)

comfortzone EP stereonucleose 2009: Stereonucleose - 12" Split EP with Alloy Alloy on Comfortzone (vinyl)

dvd 10 years female pressure 2008: Stereonucleose - "On the floor" on the DVD Female:Pressure (dvd)


A few articles and reviews:

Review of "Void Minus Matter" on Inverted Audio - 2017

PWFM - 2016 (fr)

Boomkat (Oscillopsea) Feb. 2016 (en)

Kaltblut Magazine (Mer Agitée EP and Noir Video) Oct. 2015 (en)

TAZ Blog (Turn Around installation) Oct. 2015 (en)

WMN April 2014 (fr+en)

Noisey (de) 2013

Radioquintessenz (de) sept 2010

Tendence F&Y (fr) 2010

Groove (de) - may 2010


AMALGAMA experience / part of the Transmediale Vorspiel @ Gr_und (Berlin), DokfestLounge - Kassel, Ausland (Berlin), Noise Kitchen Synth Meeting (Brno - Czech Republic) / Berghain (installation) Berlin - 2015 / Acud Berlin 2015 - Music Tech Festival 2014 - Tresor Berlin 2014 (with Anna Otto) / Schwuz Berlin 2014 / Perspectives Festival - About:blank - Berlin 2013 / DAB - London - UK / Bruxelles 2013 / Wake Up Call - Istambul - Turkey 2013 / Urban Spree (Berlin 2013) / MOTHER FESTIVAL (Berlin edition- 2011) / LFSM (Les Femmes S'en Mêlent), Berlin Edition 2011/ Berghain Kantine (Berlin - Germany) / Mikz (Berlin - Germany) / About:Blank / Chez Jacki (Berlin - Allemagne) / .HBC (Berlin - Germany) - Live / Westgermany (Berlin - Germany) / Festsaal Kreuzberg (Berlin - Germany) / Barbie Deinhoff (Berlin - Germany) / Les Souffleurs (Paris - France) / Le Troisième Lieu (Paris - France) - Live / L'Etna (Paris - France) / Roter Krebs (Linz - Austria) / Rhiz (Vienna - Austria) / Elektro Goenner (Vienna - Austria) / COX18 (Milan - Italy) / White House (Bucharest - Romania) - Live / Project (Bucharest - Romania)...


I collaborate with Sonja Cvitkovic, creating music for videos or performances (Sappho, BlackPalm, Unangenehme Gefühle...)

Also part of the duo Miko. I Collaborated with Romain Frequency (Electrosexual) on an installation. In the past with Anna Otto and Stereonucleose.

I am part of female:pressure with who i took part of the organization of the festival Perspectives, aiming to increase the visibility of women in electronic music.

Aschka, Rona Geffen & I, present the radio show "Female Frequencies" on Reboot FM


You can hear some of my tracks on PWFM webradio.

Featured in the documentary "Raw Chicks" about women in electronic mucic. Now available.

Supported by Your Mom Agency


Booking for a live or dj set or any infos: info /at/ kritzkom.com

Here is where you can find more music:

Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp. And keep in touch with my Facebook or Twitter.

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